Pinterest Ads Guide for Digital Agencies

Are you a digital agency wishing to widen your clients’ presence and enhance their online presence? In order to do this, a great marketing agency in Houston creates exceptional Pinterest ad campaigns that allow you to generate positive results. If you feel that you have been looking for an ad which would be a game-changer, Pinterest Ads could be it. 

What Are Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest ads are the types of paid posts that are displayed in the Pinterest feed of users. They are made to allow businesses to present their products or services to the audience that has been narrowed down to their specific interests. These ads take the same form as the ordinary pins so that they blend in seamlessly with other organic pins, looking less intrusive and more engaging for the users.

Why Use Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest has over 400 million users worldwide, and this makes it a virtual goldmine for the companies which are looking to reach out to the potential customers. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is positioned as a discovery and inspiration tool, and therefore, it is an ideal platform for brands in the lifestyle, fashion, home decor and food industries.

Getting Started with Pinterest Ads

Create a Business Account: It is essential to note that in order to launch ads on Pinterest you must first create a business account. With that, you will be able to use Pinterest’s advertising tools and analytic metrics.

  1. Install the Pinterest Tag

The Pinterest pixel will be a piece of code that you’ll need to install on your site to trace conversions and optimize your ads. This can be done pretty easily by the means of your Pinterest business account.

  1. Define Your Goals

What outcomes do you want to see from your Pinterest advertising? Whether it is driving traffic to your website or building up your brand, generating sales or increasing the awareness, this is how you create effective ad campaigns by defining goals.

  1. Target Your Audience

Pinterest has a tuned set of targeting tools to make sure your ads get to the audience that you need. You can reach users who are interested in your products, they have certain demographics, their behaviors, and their interactions with your website or app.

  1. Choose Your Ad Format

Pinterest has a variety of ad formats to choose from, including Promoted Pins, Promoted Carousels, as well as Promoted Video Pins, and Shopping Ads. Pick up the form that will best suit you and the resources you have already.

  1. Set Your Budget and Bidding Strategy

Choose how much you want to spend on your Pinterest ads and what type of bidding strategy matches your objectives. You get to choose the bidding strategy you would like to use. You could either select the automatic bidding option where Pinterest will optimize your bids for the best results possible or the manual bidding option where you set bid amounts on your own.

  1. Create Compelling Ad Creative

Ad creative will be the first thing that will create an impression on users and encourage them to interact with your brand. Ensure your graphics and videos are visually appealing, your content is short and inciting to read, and your call-to-action is explicit and actionable.

Pinterest Advertising Success Strategies

Use High-Quality Visuals: Pinterest is a visual platform, that means, use high-quality images or videos and make sure they are visually appealing as well. Take up the opportunity to exhibit your products or services in their most flattering appearance so as to get the attention of the users.

Keep Your Copy Concise: Pinterest customers are rarely involved in the decision-making process. They tend to look through the products quickly so stay concise with customer copy. Chat with clients and highlight the advantages of your product or service. Put a CTA on the message, so that they can take action.

Test and Optimize: Don’t be afraid to try different kinds of ads, targeting options, and creative elements to see which one of them will be your audience’s favorite. Keep track of your ads and, if necessary, make changes to your campaigns. This will help you maximize your results.

Utilize Rich Pins: Rich Pins is a kind of Pinterest Pin that is enriched with extra data and it can be found directly on the Pin. They can be utilized for a wider range of purposes, including increasing their involvement and educating users about your products and services in greater detail.

Measuring Success

After launching Pinterest ads it is necessary to maintain a close watch on their performance and impact on your business. Pinterest provides tools for analytics that allow you to monitor and track the most important metrics, including impressions, clicks, conversion rates, and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). These metrics are very important to the development of winning campaigns tactics; they enable the refining of the campaigns and improving of the client outcome.


Pinterest ads as a tool of digital agencies are meant to help customers to be unique among other competitors in a battle of online marketplace. Thereby, agencies can produce campaigns which have real impact, using this guide as well as by implementing the most effective practices.

So why wait? Get started with Pinterest ads today and unwrap the many opportunities that Pinterest ads can offer to your agency and your clients!

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